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The Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club (POCC)

The Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club (POCC) is one of the oldest independent chemistry clubs in the United States and it works in conjunction with area universities and pharmaceutical companies to allow preeminent scientists to speak to a broad audience of chemists from the Philadelphia area.  The central purpose of our organization is to facilitate the interaction between scientists from academia and the many chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the greater Philadelphia area, for which the POCC lectures and events provide a forum.

POCC Lecture Series

The POCC has been actively sponsoring seminars in Philadelphia since at least 1945. Typically, the POCC meets on the last Thursday of the month with the speaker being hosted during the day by one of the local chemical or pharmaceutical companies.  Afterwards, there is a a social hour at 5:30 pm and a sit down dinner at 6:00 pm at a restaraunt near the University of Pennsylvania.  The seminar follows at 8:00 p.m. in the University of Pennsylvania Chemistry Department auditorium.

POCC Awards

Allan R. Day Award

An award in memory of Allan R. Day is given once a year in recognition of outstanding contributions to organic chemistry and the awardee presents a seminar on one of the POCC lecture nights.

POCC Award

On alternate years (odd), an event is organized in the spring which includes an afternoon poster session with presenters from local universities and chemical companies.  The day is capped off with a dinner followed by a seminar by the receipient of that years' Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to organic chemistry and service to the scientific community which is given to a member of the industrial community.

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